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The ETV Commitment

Every day, thousands of professional cosmetologists and students of cosmetology from around the world are faced with clients looking for extreme hairstyle makeovers. At ETV we offer an in-depth educational and instructional look into the art of extreme hairstyling concepts. We offer educational material featured by professional licensed cosmetologists. The European Futurecuts team along with a variety of assorted cosmetologists and platform artists from around the world each demonstrating their individual talents and techniques in the unique art of extreme hairstyling.Thanks for your continued support.  You're all worth the effort.

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Do blondes really have

more fun?


This one certainly did. Meet our latest barbershop girl Samantha. This beautiful blonde bombshell was proud to be selected as one of ETVís Barbershop Girls. In this viewerís choice selection, our model starts with below shoulder length hair and goes from long to a short extreme feminine crewcut style. With 7 haircuts, 66 minutes of hi-quality audio/video haircut playtime and a new pricing structure for these trying economic times. Itís guaranteed to knock more then just your socks off.

Whatís the moral of the story? Do blonds really have more fun? No. Getting down to the final extreme haircut it became apparent that our blonde bombshell was in fact a brunette bombshell. She enjoyed it all the same and so did we.



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We are pleased to release our latest Barbershop Girl, Tawny.  Tawny is a professional model and part time fitness consultant.  In this selection our barber gives Tawny a short military style flat top with all the frills.  This selection offers  hi-quality audio and video with 27 minutes of outstanding haircut playtime.



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The Barbershop Girls


Meet our latest Barbershop Girl, Dawn. This production offers 8 haircuts from long to a high and tight clipper cut. With 79 minutes of haircut playtime itís guaranteed to knock your socks off.

Also available on DVD



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Barbershop Girls


Also Available on DVD

Also Available on DVD

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All video and graphic material available on this website are intended for professional, educational and instructional use only.